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Steel Grooves Artist Bio

Steel Grooves is the creative concept + alter ego of Austin Tx native Rex (RJ) Bruton. Rex got involved in the Austin rave scene in the mid 90s as a disturbed teenager. Dissatisfied with the world around him, he discovered music and learned how to express himself through creation of it. First picking up the guitar at the age of 10, Rex learned his way around an axe quickly by dedicating all his free time for patient practice. From Heavy Metal, Rex discovered industrial metal bands like NIN, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly which lead to an easy transition to Techno.


Since the age of 15, Rex has spent most of his life collecting, DJing, creating underground dance music under several alias. Steel Grooves is the first and primary style for Rex. Keeping his music Steel + Groovy, he has spent decades crafting his sound and stays true no matter the cost. Steel Grooves has released countless tracks on some of the top labels and has gained support from some of the top DJs. His own label Capital Techno Recordings (named after "Capital Metro" ATX's public transit system) Can claim to be the first International techno label to emerge from the ATX area. 

Steel Grooves held a residency at Kingdom Nightclub in Austin as an after-hours resident for over 4 years. His nights called Vibrations + Ohms along side 2 of his close friends proved to be among the most thrilling nights of intense music at the time. 


Record Labels:

Capital Techno Recordings

Mavic Music

Refined Format Recordings

Compound (UK)

Urban Kicks Recordings 

Mind Burn Records

Chicago Jaxxx

Mastoid Kollective


Keep On Techno

Black Square

Yin Yang

Filth Infatuated


Layer 909



Dreizehn Schallplatten

Distortus Music 

Funk n Deep

Black Kat

Bolier Underground

Sonic Convergence


Creators World

Amigos Rec

+many more

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